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Digital Government Service Accelerates the Crane City's Revitalization


 New era contributing to new missions, in recent years, the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Qiqihar Municipal People's Government have been advancing digital transformation, regarding “Internet + Government Service” as one of the eight reforms powerfully promoted by the main leaders of the Party and the government, always following the goal of "Providing the Most Authentic, Thorough and Satisfactory Government Services", closely centering up to themes of deepening the rectification of the work style of government organs and optimizing the business environment, highlighting the main line of digital government service, depending on the support offered by the government service big data platform, exerting force from both the supply side and the demand side, allowing data to accelerate the facilitation of approval service, with the percentage of affairs handled by municipal-level government departments being handled at a time reaching up to 94.4%, including 47.9% of such affairs needing no face- to-face handling.
Nowadays, Qiqihar's "Digital Government Service" construction has become an important starting point and engine for the crane city to achieve high-quality economic development and new advantages of re-creating a new business environment.
Data Used in Cloud Government Service, Realizing "One Net-based Handling"
Digital government service construction is a systematic project. Our city, strengthening top-level design, taking data as the core, is focusing on advancing the construction of three platforms, constructing a digital government service system and promoting the shift of the government service mode.
Our city is dedicated to establishing a unified promotion mechanism, led by main leaders from the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Qiqihar Municipal People's Government, with one deputy municipal leader specifically in charge of it, with designated personnel dispatched from Qiqihar Municipal Government's Office, Institutional Organization Office, Legal Affairs Office and Government Affairs Center to form a special group for uniform layout, with services purchased through Unicom and Inspur based on the requirements at different levels in different fields to advance construction.
Starting from a unified government cloud platform, our city has integrated all "Small Clouds" in the domain to form a "Big Cloud". In October 2017, the municipal government service cloud platform was established, dispersed machine rooms of government departments were cancelled, and a total of 106 systems (websites) were relocated in three months, breaking the situation of fragmented administration, positional separatism, and system separation at different levels in different fields.
Digital government office is inseparable from a unified big data platform. In May 2018, our city took the lead in using the municipal government service cloud platform in the whole province, gathering 892 data resource catalogues from 52 departments, about 30 million pieces of data cumulatively included the database, obtaining 62 interface services, including 25 state-level interface services and 16 provincial-level interface services. By the end of last year, the platform had provided data services more than 940,000 times and called national interfaces more than 780,000 times, occupying 99.8% of the total calls in the province. The government service big data platform has gathered databases of huge quantities of generated data, and has basically broken the “Data Barrier” and “Information Island”.
Our city has also established a unified online government service platform. Through the construction of a "Cloud + Digit+ Application + Security" technical system and the whole city's "One Chess Game" framework, and through in-depth integration with the government service network, our city has take the lead in creating "One Network" involving real estate, provident fund and notary office, initially realizing intelligent approval, self-support service and mobile handling of livelihood affairs and affairs in some fields in the main urban area, with this trend extended to cities, counties and townships, all government service affairs included in to platform operation and management, finally realizing "One Network-based Handling", the number of affairs handled online in the municipal service hall reaching up to 65%.
Data Superior to Process Flows, Key Matters "Handled in One Chain"
Introduction of the big data concept into the affair handling chain is a revolutionary re-creation. The data exchange and sharing via the platform has helped our city realize "Handing at One Window in One Place at a Time" for key affairs in government affair services.
Starting from defining the criteria for “One Affair”, in the position of applicants, centering upon successfully handling "One Affair", our city has placed focus on affairs in key fields closely related to enterprise production and operation and the life of the masses and highly frequently handled affairs, merging "Fragments" into a "Whole", and optimizing affairs like business start-up, investment project approval, engineering construction project approval and real estate registration based on the chain. Taking a restaurant opening affair as an example, the original 45 elements have been shared and integrated into 7 elements, and the original period of 41 days required to have the affair handled has been shortened to a period of within 3 days. "Handled in One Chain" has accelerated solutions to such problems as "letting firms in but not letting them do business'' and getting a license easily but having difficulty obtaining certificates.
Our city, adhering to the principle of one platform integration, has initiated the “one-window integrated service” reform for real estate registration, integrating 8 departmental services and 16 handling links, realizing "One Form" application, "One Sheet" of elements, "One System" operation and "One Platform"-based payment. Taking second-hand housing transaction for exampling, before the reform, it took 3 calls, 13 windows, 16 errands and at least four and a half hours to complete declaration; now it only takes one call, one window, one transaction confirmation form filling, acceptance time within half an hour and less than four days to obtain a certificate.
Facing of disgusting problem of “Cumbersome Proofs” and “Infinite Evidence Obtaining”, our city is striving to clear the "Blocking Points" in the affair handling process, sticking to "Grasping Key Links" and forcing “Data Sharing” by "At Most One Errand". The Crane City Notary Office, an notary public with the most departmental data sharing in the country, has reduced evidence provision, manual verification and errand running by over 60% by calling 28 data interfaces of 10 departments. For 12 kinds of affairs, certificates can be obtained immediately and for other affairs, the period taken to obtain a certificate has been shorted from 15 days to less than 5 days.
Our city has comprehensively implemented electronicization, taken sharing and mutual recognition of electronic licenses as a starting point for creating "Coordinated Government Service" and advanced the cross-sector and cross-level "Function and Demand-based Sharing'' of information resource, weaving departmental "Small Abacus" into "One Net", with more than 2 million electronic certificates included in the database, 1193 electronic seals collected. On January 4 this year, the first electronic license, Permit for Urban Sewage Discharge into the Drainage Pipeline Network, was issued and it was comprehensively used in each service hall. In the past two weeks, provident fund loans have been dealt with, approved and released on the same day through electronic licenses and document sharing integration.
Data on the Fingertip, Affairs of the Masses" Handled on Hand"
Digital government service is intended to facilitate and benefit people in a fast and convenient way. In July last year, the market-oriented “Crane City Online” APP was launched and commissioned in the whole city to advance the full coverage of the convenience service and handling of high-frequency affairs according to "Three Related" paths. "Handling on Hand without Leaving Home" is becoming citizens' good experience and vision, i.e. "Traveling around the Crane City with One Cell Phone".
Through connection with the unified identity authentication system, one-time certification and one-number application have been realized in the affair handling process for the masses and enterprises. 472 digital certificates have been issued and 9,860 persons have got involved in natural person identification.
Through connection with data application scenarios, all departments at all levels can be covered. By the end of last year, the "Crane City Online" had realized data sharing more than 100,000 times and online handling of 528 affairs. For example, through the appointment function, the registration of real estate can be shortened to hours and handled immediate, realizing “zero waiting” handling of 2,426 affair-times.
Through connection with the unified payment platform, our city has comprehensively integrated payment of fees (taxes) into cell phones. On May 9 last year, our city's first electronic bill was issued through “Crane City Online”. This is the first time that a through payment mode has been realized at the mobile side involving unified accounting of costs, omni-channel payment via WeChat, Alipay, etc., automatic settlement and payment to account via platform and users' printing bills on their own since the connection of the unified payment platform with the financial non-tax system and incorporation into the business coordination system. So far, 8253 through payment transactions have been completed.
Currently, the "Crane City Online" has launched 38 application modules and 371 "Non-Face-to-Face" items have been opened up; a "Woodpecker Action" aimed to "Find Fault" with urban management and affair handling efficiency has realized one-click photo uploading; provident fund extraction, payment of daily life-related fees and people's livelihood affairs-related number taking and registration, process inquiry, and service evaluation have been comprehensively applied, involving cumulative visits of more than 870,000 times.

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