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Our City Comes Top in Comprehensive Assessment of Province-wide Key Grain Work Targets


 A notice was circulated at the provincial food circulation work conference held recently that Qiqihar came top in the comprehensive assessment of province-wide key grain circulation work targets due to its remarkable results in grain distribution works in 2018 in terms of marketized grain purchase and sales, grain industrial development, grain enterprise reform, grain safety guarantee and grain control level.
The marketized grain purchase and sales have reached a new level. Qiqihar has seen increased efforts in production and sales cooperation and export sales contracts (agreements) involving a total of 1.4 million tons were signed the whole year. Large state-owned grain processing enterprises took the lead in entering the market, non-state-owned grain purchase and sales enterprises have actively entered the market, and local state-owned grain purchase and sale enterprises have accelerated the transformation of business concepts and played a role in market leadership, market replenishment and main market channels. Currently, 30 local state-owned grain enterprises in our city have carried out t market-oriented operations, accounting for 67%, with an operating volume of 1.35 million tons. By the end of February, the city's enterprises included in the list of the statistical department of the government have purchased 7.2 million tons of grain, including marketized purchase of 5.94 million tons, accounting for 82.5% of the total purchases, up 17.5% compared with the same period of last year; particularly, the marketized purchase of rice had accounted for 62.5% of rice commodity quantity, changing the pattern dominated by policy-based purchase over the years for the first time.
A new leap has been realized in the development of the grain industry. The 1 million ton corn deep processing project of Fufeng Phase II has been completed and put into production, with the whole city's corn deep processing capacity reaching up to 4.2 million tons; the 1 million ton corn deep processing project of Yihaijiali Phase I commenced in October last year. Last year, Qiqihar saw the operation of 133 grain and oil processing enterprises, with an operation rate of 83.1%; consumption of raw grain of 4.94 million tons, up 67.6% compared with the same period of last year; production capacity utilization rate of 40.2%; realization of sales revenue of 12.54 billion Yuan from products, up 62.5% compared with the same period of last year, of which the enterprise operation rate and the production capacity utilization rate are significantly higher than those of the previous year, with products sales revenue exceeding 10 billion Yuan for the first time.
New achievements have been made in the reform and development of grain enterprises. Qiqihar has deepened the grain group reform and the grain groups conducted marketized purchase of 530,000 ton last year, completing 176.7% of the annual target. All local state-owned grain purchase and sale enterprises in the city operated at a profit and made profits of 630 million Yuan in the whole year, up 35.6% compared with the same period of last year, including a profit of 150 million Yuan from trade grain operation, whose profits were significantly increased by 719%, compared with the same period of last year.
A new breakthrough has been achieved in grain safety guarantee. Qiqihar has comprehensively implemented a grain safety county head responsibility system in the whole city and adhered to strengthening safety supervision throughout the year, contributing to the continuous stable situation in safe production and safety grain storage in the grain industry of the whole city. Tailai County has been rated as one of the first batch of innovative demonstration units for food circulation law enforcement supervision in China. Qiqihar has positively implemented a "High-quality Grain Project" and "Two Systems", involving total project construction funds of 79.63 million Yuan, and actively participated in the "Good Grain and Oil" action plan, with 6 counties included in the construction of the "Good Grain and Oil in China" demonstration project conducted by the key counties involved in the national poverty alleviation program.
The grain regulation level has been elevated. Last year, the city's national policy-based grain transaction volume was 9.3 million tons, with a turnover of 14.6 billion Yuan, both creating a record high, the progress of “destocking” accelerated. The scale of emergency reserves has been re-determined, and the reserves of 35,000 tons of rice at the municipal level have been reported to the provincial bureau. At the same time , over n 30 emergency outlets have been adjusted, 111 grain purchase permit rights have been delegated, "Four Handlings" (i.e. handling online nearby without delay at a timely) has been implemented and the certificate handling procedures and business environment have been optimized. The construction of the grain wholesale market has been accelerated, with 3 new county-level sub-markets, the whole city's sub-markets reaching up to 6.

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