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Sun Shen Stressed Seizure of the Opportunity to Develop the Wine Industry to Make Small Wineries into a Big Industry while Presiding Over Symposium on the Development of the Wine Industry


 On the afternoon of the 13th, Sun Shen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang People's Congress and Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, presided over symposium at the Office Center for Qiqihar Party and Government Organs to specifically study the matters concerning the development of the wine industry in our city.
City leaders Guo Xiaofeng, Wang Yongshi and Yao Qing were at the meeting and the persons in charge of relevant departments directly under Qiqihar Municipal People's Government, main leaders from relevant counties and representatives of wine enterprises were present at the meeting.
At the meeting, Qiqihar Industry and Information Technology Bureau reported the development of the wine industry in our city in detail; the persons in charge of wine enterprises like Ang'angxi District Longquan Lake Winery, Beidacang, and Fuyu Laojiao put forward advices and suggestions on the development of the wine industry. Sun Shen carefully listened to the speech made by everyone, conducted in-depth exchanges with everyone on some specific issues reflected and put forward recommendations and requirements for the development of the wine industry in our city.
As pointed out by Sun Shen, Qiqihar has unique natural conditions in terms of soil and climate, and the areas represented by Ang'angxi District, Meilisi Daur District and Tailai County, are recognized by industry experts as a golden place of origin of ice wine in China and rare strategy resources, particularly suitable for the development of the wine industry. With the constant transformation and upgrading of the consumer market, the wine market is constantly expanding and wine is gradually growing into a category featuring a large group, high growth and high profit. All liquor production enterprises in Qiqihar need to further understand the situation, seize the rare opportunity of consumption transformation and upgrading, actively cater to market demand, actively integrate into the city's development strategy, give full play to the advantages of enterprise channels, accelerate transformation and upgrading, quickly seize the market, and open up a new development situation.
As stressed by Sun Shen, it is required to stick to high-point positioning and planning ahead and scientifically position the development direction to accelerate the development of the wine industry and further improve the industrial development plan, and rationally plan the industrial positioning according to the ideas of high-standard guidance, scientific planting, standardized brewing, scalized cellar storage and marketized operation. It is required to establish, sell and operate wineries according to the idea of small wineries and large industries, positively explore a mode of investors establishing wineries, large groups and successful people purchase wineries and entrusted professional teams operating wineries, share technical teams, purchase inspection and various services, rationally utilize underground civil air defense space for scalized cellar storage and promote the cluster-type development of wineries with diverse styles.
As stressed by Sun Shen, cities and counties (districts) need to work closely with enterprises to form a joint force. All relevant departments and counties (districts) should attach great importance ideologically, make constant innovations in ideas, take corresponding measures in a timely manner, strengthen policy support, utilize policies sufficiently and flexibly and provide service guarantee for enterprise development and project approval and construction. In terms of technical support guarantee, it is required to actively communicate with the Wine College of Northwest A&F University and conducted in-depth cooperation with it in terms of grape planting and winemaking, tasting, promotion and brand building to achieve win-win development. It is necessary to organize the heads of liquor enterprises to “Go Out” to learn advanced management models and experience to open up their development thinking and improve their ability of transformation and innovation.
As stressed by Sun Shen, besides tourism and ecological benefits, the wine industry also has economic benefits. To make the wine industry bigger and stronger is of great importance. It is required to deeply dig the comprehensive benefits of the wine industry, adhere to the road of integrated development, do well in “Wine+”, give full play to spillover benefits, realize the fusion development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, especially the integration with the cultural tourism industry and win-win with ecological protection and transform the achievements of industrial development into the results of enriching people.

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