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CRRC Advances the Construction of World-Class Model Enterprise with Scientific and Technological Innovations


 On March 14, CRRC 2019 Science and Technology Quality Work Conference was held in our city, at which CRRC presented 148 scientific and technological achievement awards, including those for the “Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao” high-speed trains, diesel locomotives exported to South Africa, and study on the whole railway freight car fatigue and vibration test rig technology and system integration. Nearly 200 representatives came to CRRC to retrace the inspection by General Secretary Xi Jinping and recall the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. General Manager Sun Yongcai of CRRC required that the entrustment by General Secretary Xi Jinping "to continue reinforcing internal skills, reforming and innovating and doing well in independent innovation" should be firmly borne in mind and high-quality development should be advanced with scientific and technological innovations to strive to realize the goal of "Constructing a World-Class Model Enterprise". At the meeting, new achievements in the work of science and technology quality were summarized, severe challenges and higher requirements faced by the development of science and technology innovation were deeply analyzed and the main direction of efforts to achieve a new leap in science and technology quality work was determined through discussion.
In 2018, CRRC deeply carried out and practiced the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection in CRRC, stuck to a development strategy driven by scientific and technological innovations, dedicated itself to serving the overall situation of national development, took the initiative to assume the national strategic missions, combine enterprise development, national development and industrial development, gave full play to the backbone as a "National Team" in the field of rail transportation equipment and strived to shape a "Bright Business Card" of China's high-end equipment manufacturing in the world market.
Yu Yuebin, Director of the Technical Quality Department of CRRC said when interviewed that as General Secretary Xi Jinping paid three visits to CRRC in three years, the staff members of CRRC got a deeper and deeper understanding of their political position and political consciousness the burden on the shoulders as well as the work to be done in future and felt increasingly big pressure on themselves. Science and technology is the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development. General Secretary Xi Jinping has said that the high-speed railway has gone through a process from catching up to taking the lead and that CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., as a leading enterprise in railway freight car equipment manufacturing, should be ahead in terms of railway wagon-related scientific and technological innovations. Currently, in the general environment of promoting high-quality economic development, CRRC has put forward three major development themes "Collaboration, Making up for Weaknesses and Improving Quality", with its main tasks including further strengthening strategic guidance and goal orientation, reinforcing the top-level design of scientific and technological quality work, aiming at creating a world-class model enterprise according to the high-quality development requirements, accelerating the improvement of the strategic management and control system, deepening the reform of the science and technology system with goals and problems as the guide, focusing on the research and development of major new products, the management and control of national major special products and the research and reserve of basic, forward-looking and generic technologies and unswervingly advancing collaborative innovation and internal skill improvement to comprehensively elevate the work of science and technology to a new level.
Yu Wei, Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer of CRRC, said that CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., with the help of this conference, always kept in mind the entrustment by General Secretary Xi Jinping, unswervingly deepening the road of scientific and technological reform and independent innovations by grasping the strategic opportunity of national transportation structure adjustment, the national reform and development trend and the industry reform trend and the development situation of CRRC. At this conference, CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. won one special prize, three first prices, four second prizes and four third prizes. Currently, CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. has complete independent intellectual property rights and a complete industrial system for railway wagon equipment, with its products exported to 105 countries and regions on six continents, becoming an enterprise representative with high-level independent innovation, strong international innovation competitiveness and noticeable industry driving effects in China's high-end equipment manufacturing field. Centering upon the requirements of national science and technology revitalization and development, CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. will continue to overcome shortcomings of science and technology and utilize the opportunity of establishment of Qiqihar Railway Group to constantly lead the development of railway freight equipment based on the goal and direction of improving the heavy-duty technology, making breakthroughs in fast railway technology, developing multi-modal transport technology, cultivating special technology and integrating intelligent, green and environmentally friendly technologies to make its due contributions to China's railway wagons and Heilongjiang's revitalization.
As one of the “Top Ten World-Class Model Enterprises”, CRRC will realize a technological innovation system characterized by collaboration, openness, integration and globalization, constantly integrate R&D resources, establish a shared platform, stimulate R&D vitality and continually to launch major initiatives for internal training and external introduction of science and technology systems and talents to constantly gather talents, benefit talents and retain talents, stimulate the endogenous power of the enterprise, advance the leading role of science and technology and realize innovative development.

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